Who We Are

Grossman Labs is a unique information technology consulting firm with over 40 years IT experience between the two founding partners, each of whom possesses a doctoral degree in information technology and a broad base of experience in the private and public sectors, as well as academia.

Grossman Labs was founded in 1999 and has become an LLC in February 2016.

How We Can Help Your Company

We do not build software systems. Instead, we:

David A. Grossman

David A. Grossman

  • Review software projects
  • Assist with requirements development for IT systems
  • Develop business case for new IT systems—or possibly, for no new IT systems

Our Background

We possess special expertise in:

  • Data Mining
  • Next Generation Search Tools
  • Information Extraction
  • Data Warehousing

Our Plan of Attack

Unlike large consulting companies whose object is to expand and extend the assignment to create maximal billing opportunities, we focus on very short-term consultancies. For the most part, work is performed by partners with a vested interest in our business and a keen interest in yours. A day or two of our time is frequently sufficient to provide an 80% solution, which is what most clients really need—a time-efficient and cost-effective solution.

While we most assuredly are not the cheapest IT consulting shop, our expertise and personal attention to our clients’ problems can save your company money in the long run. Most of our clients save many times our fees as a result of our work. We differ from large firms in that you have no tortuously detailed consulting contracts to sign, no fine print to read. We accept your word as your commitment, and in return we give you ours. When the work is done, we send you a simple invoice. Best of all, we hold ourselves to a firm policy that our clients owe us nothing until they are satisfied with our work!

Contact Us

As co-founder of the firm, I am happy to personally respond to any inquiries. To discuss your requirements or to get more information please contact me, David A. Grossman, at: david@grossmanlabs.com or our CEO Dr. Paul Allen at paul@grossmanlabs.com.

We Are Proud…

We are proud sponsors of the Reston Little League.  We also started a web site to help out new coaching at www.coachingyouthbaseball.com. We send our heartiest wishes for a fun and productive spring season for the team members, their parents, and the rest of the league!