Paul R. Allen, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Grossman Labs LLC

Paul Allen

Paul has been Chief Executive Officer of Grossman Labs LLC since its inception.   He oversees and develops all aspects of the company’s strategies, operations and administration.


Paul has a long history in quantitative risk management, econometric modeling and database analysis.  As a professor of finance at Louisiana State University, he authored several referred research publications on gains to shareholders of various corporate decisions and events (like mergers and spin-offs).


That success led him to pioneer the first risk-based capital adequacy study of a Government-Sponsored Enterprise (GSE).   His approach built sophisticated prepayment and default models for residential mortgages, tested them against actual performance, and then applied them to various future distress scenarios to determine the impact on the GSE’s profitability.  His approach became the foundation upon which current capital requirements are calculated for GSE’s by regulators.


In 2000, Paul co-founded Proacsys LLC.   There, he built a web-based process to image, index and actively manage documents electronically for the mortgage industry.  The ability to access those documents cheaply and effectively from anywhere broke the stranglehold that large, proprietary, localized imaging systems had on the industry.  Several years later, Proacsys was sold to Intraprise Systems, Inc., who took the web-based document management system and applied it to the medical records space.


Prior to joining Grossman Labs, Paul founded Oakmont Advisors LLC, a multi-faceted consulting company.  As a part of Oakmont, Paul has led two national mortgage banks, advised other players in the mortgage industry, served as a consultant to the National Institutes of Health and—most recently—helped local social entrepreneurs get their businesses started and developed.


Paul holds a BA/MBA from Tulane University (with highest honors) and completed his Ph.D. in finance, economics and mathematics at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA.


Contact Paul at or 718-715-9682